View Full Version : Exhibition Announcement - Ottawa; 3-27 April

tim atherton
15-Mar-2005, 15:39
Finally managed to get a simple "e-invite" up:


Show runs from April 3rd - 27th - I'll be there for the opening/reception on the 3rd

General theme of the work is "The suburbs as a state of mind"....

FAX 613.746.4996

tim a

Daniel Grenier
15-Mar-2005, 17:27
I will most likely see you there on the 3rd, Tim. All the best with the show.

domenico Foschi
15-Mar-2005, 17:27
Congratulations Tim,
I wish i could come and see your work and meet you, but it is a long trip from the southern california wasteland .
If you are planning to expand on the same topic, southern california can be a goldmine of images for you. : - }
I wish you the best,

Kirk Gittings
15-Mar-2005, 18:39
Congratulations Tim. I hope to see more of these fine images. By the way I have a great fondness for Canada. I did my graduate work at the University of Calgary back in the early 80's. A couple of museums there have some of my work that they drag out every once in a while which reminds me of the very productive years I spent there. I wish I wasn't so damn busy. I would love to get back there some time. Best of luck with the show.

16-Mar-2005, 00:31
Oneof my favourite images from that series Tim. Best of luck with it

Jamie Zietak
16-Mar-2005, 07:39
Sounds great. I will definitely try and come down for the opening!
Best of luck...

Struan Gray
16-Mar-2005, 07:51
Congrats Tim. Wish I could come and drink your chardonnay.

I too would like to see more of this series. I love that dead grass after snow look. Any chance of an online precis?

chris jordan
16-Mar-2005, 17:12
Tim, huge congratulations!!! I wish I could attend-- I can envision your images looking spectacular all together. Here's wishing you many sales and some good exposure in the press.


Annie M.
16-Mar-2005, 19:41
Congratulations Tim! I also wish I could attend..... I know it will be a great show.
Best... Annie

Paul Kierstead
16-Mar-2005, 19:46
It looks like it will be a very interesting exhibition; I look forward to attending. Perhaps I will have the good scheduling sense to manage to get out on the right day and actually meet you; it is always interesting to meet the person behind the posts and the photographs.

Don Wallace
21-Mar-2005, 07:14
Tim, like Paul, I would love to run into you there. What days will you be around?