View Full Version : How much developer is needed? HC-110, Rodinal

giacomo marchetti
8-Feb-2016, 15:51
Hi.How many mm of HC 110 per sheet are necessary in the tank? And of Rodinal?Thanks

giacomo marchetti
8-Feb-2016, 16:06
excuse me,i intended cc obviously

8-Feb-2016, 16:08
Really? What size tank, what film, what format, how many and a whole lot of other questions. Do your own developing time tests with different dilutions and then you'll really know.

Kevin Crisp
8-Feb-2016, 16:16
Also, can't be answered without knowing the dilution.

As a very general statement, 8 sheets of 4X5 in a quart of dil. B should be OK.

Jerry Bodine
8-Feb-2016, 16:40
This Kodak Tech Publication should answer all your questions about HC-110:


8-Feb-2016, 16:44
Asking for opinions like this is not going to help you one bit. First, you should access the HC-110 chart from Kodak and get Rodinal info from the Massive Dev chart, and do your own testing.

8-Feb-2016, 17:29
Since I hate testing, I just stick with the conservative estimates that are generally accepted. For Rodinal that's 10ml/8x10 although plenty of people go down to 5 ml or even lower. That's fine; 10 is a nice number that works well for me and I wouldn't be afraid to use 5 if a situation called for it.

5-6 ml is the number I've heard and abided by for HC-110. I make no claims as to these being "truth" they are just easy, work, and judging by the number of people who use less, leave some room for error.

8-Feb-2016, 20:58
I know why he's asking. Any time someone talks about stand development, people shoot off about how it won't work because there's not enough developer and it goes to exhaustion before an hour, implying they know something factual. So, where are all of those supposedly knowledgable people now, I wonder, where they're being asked to back up their criticism with facts? :-)

Neal Chaves
9-Feb-2016, 08:07
I mix HC110 to various dilutions. I make sure that I have at least 1/2 oz. of the concentrate per 80 sq. ins. of film to be developed.