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Bruce Schultz
15-Nov-1999, 19:00
Anyone know where I could get an 8x10 Deardorff or comparable? Midwest Photo Exc hange has sold out of their inventory. Ebay has none being sold right now.

Greg Lawhon
15-Nov-1999, 20:07
Try these well-known large format places:

Quality Camera Co. 382 Trabert Ave. Atlanta, GA 30309 404-881-8700 404-881-9010 fax

Classic Camera St. Louis area - I don't have the address here, but here's the website:


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
16-Nov-1999, 00:42
Lens & Repro in New York, Columbus Camera Group in Ohio,

The F Stops Here in Santa Barbara, CA PhotoGraphic Systems in New Mexico, (or Arizona? I'm from the east, I can't tell those big square-ish states apart)

Quality Camera in Atlanta, GA

The Photo Emporium in Chicago

Glenn Evans in Glenn View Illinois

George Ury in Illinois

and sometimes Steve Shuart in Kane, PA get a copy of Shutterbug, View Camera, etc. I think all but Columbus are on line. Go to Tuan's Large Format homepage and check the commercial resources list

Ellis Vener
16-Nov-1999, 01:05
Quality Camera in Atlanta; Lens & Repro, Fotocare and Ken Hansen Photographic in NYC; Photomark in Arizona; or The F-Stops Here (http:// www.thefstop.com/menu.html) in Santa Barbara, CA. I think my friends at "Camera Co-Op" in Houston have an 8x10 Deardorff or a similar wood folder in stock currently.

sheldon hambrick
16-Nov-1999, 03:26

17-Nov-1999, 02:54
Hi Bruce, I think I saw a Deardorff on the shelf at Glazer's in Seattle.

John Neuhoff
1-Dec-2001, 11:38
I have an 8x10 Deerdorf portrait camera with a Kodak lens and a HUGE studio base for sale

michael davidoff
24-Feb-2008, 10:58
Hi Bruce,
We Just posted our 8x10 Agfa Ansco view camera system on this site today .
Would be happy to hear from you.
Michael Davidoff

24-Feb-2008, 11:04
Try KEH.com

Tracy Storer
24-Feb-2008, 12:04
Guys, WTF, you're responding to an 8+ year old WTB thread?

Bruce Schultz
26-Feb-2008, 07:58
Just to bring you up to date, got a dorff around 2001, sold it to buy a Wehman in 2003. I loved the Wehman but sold it last year to go into wet plate and now I have a Kodak 2D. I doubt I'll shoot film again. Here's my website of wet-plate work: