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8-Feb-2016, 00:18
I finally made the upgrade to 8x10 (from 4x5 and 5x7). My favourite lens on bought of the previews format was the Rodenstock apo sironar s 210mm
The focal length is just perfect for my need.
At the moment for the 8x10 i have a Schneider s symmar 240 - very heavy and I fell that it's too wide for me. I have the opportunity to buy a Fujinon 420mm f/8 L lens and I couldn't find so much info on it. Would love to know the opinion of people who used it or know how good/bad it is for a 8x10 field camera.

another question:

Nikon M(or Q) 300mm f/9 - does it really fit the 8x10 because the opinions are doubtful on that - also would love to hear a verdict, would it cover the 8x10. The original brochure says that F/9 have a circle 312 and at f/22 325 - doesn't sound enough for 8x10.

8-Feb-2016, 01:40
Apo Sironar S 210 with image circle 312mm, I think Apo Sironar W 210 would be better (image circle 352mm)
Nikon 300mm f9 can fit 8x10 but restricted movement.

Doremus Scudder
8-Feb-2016, 03:14
My experience is with 4x5, but the following info might help. The Fujinon L lenses are single-coated Tessars (4 elements in 4 groups). The 420mm L has an image circle of 480mm, so should cover 8x10 easily. It comes in a Copal 3 shutter, so is a bit on the large side, but not like a Plasmat. I have the 210mm L that I use on 4x5. It's sharp, has lots of coverage and doesn't have flare problems despite the single coating. It would give you the same field-of-view to film-diagonal proportion as a 210mm lens on 4x5.

The Nikkor M 300mm should just barely cover 8x10 at smaller apertures, but you won't have much room left for movements. It's also a Tessar but smaller due to the smaller maximum aperture. It comes in a Copal 1 shutter. It's a superb performer on 4x5 (I have one as well) but is certainly less flexible on 8x10 (should be great on 5x7 though). It is going to be like a 150mm on 4x5.



8-Feb-2016, 05:51
450mm nikkor M. Get that one

John Kasaian
8-Feb-2016, 07:09
The 300mm f/9 M does cover 8x10. I don't know how much wiggle room it offers as mine is on an aerial camera(no bellows)

The 450 f/9 Nikkor is a splendid performing long lens with a huge image circle.

I don't know anything about Fujis other than that many guys really like them.

For newer lenses, I'd suggest f/9 G Clarons---240, 270, 305 or 355----small, light weight and sharp.
Other lenses you might consider are 14" 16" and 19" Artars which are more of the same.

For architecture, an f/6.3 250 WF Ektar has acreage of coverage for when your movements are are their limits, but it is a big, heavy lens.

Getting back to your question----if you find a 240mm too wide, consider the 355mm/360mm/ 14" focal lengths. I don't find a significant difference between a 240/250mm and a 300/305mm for most subjects on 8x10.

karl french
8-Feb-2016, 07:12
If you like how small the Nikkor-M 300 is, find yourself a clean Fujinon C 300. It's the same size and price as the Nikon, but throws a bigger usable image circle. Just the thing for 8x10.

8-Feb-2016, 08:10
if you like the 210 on your 4x5...then you will want the 420

if you like it on the 5x7, then look for a 12" commercial ektar

Drew Wiley
9-Feb-2016, 10:22
The selection of 210's that adequately cover 8x10 is rather limited. But there are some excellent lightweight lenses in the 240 to 250 etc range that cover quite well, at least stopped down to typical working apertures, such as 240 Fuji A, 250 Fuji W 6.7 (not 6.3), 250 and 270 G-Clarons. Nikkor M is skimpy on 8x10;
but lightweights you can opt for in this focal length would be 305 G-Claron or the rarer 300 Fuji A, still in no. 1 shutter, so relatively compact. Up in the 400's,
the Fuji 450 C is about it in terms of lightweight that I can think of; but it's a stellar performer. If you move up to a no. 3 shutter, there are still more modern lenses to choose from, but any of the general purpose fast 5.6 plastmats 240 or above are going to be heavy klunkers, if field photography is what you have in
mind rather than studio applications.

Jim Galli
9-Feb-2016, 10:49
A 16 1/2" Red Dot Artar mounted in a Copal 3 is a splendid thing. 450 Nikkor is also superb.