View Full Version : 13x18 cm film - in the UK?

paul owen
15-Mar-2005, 08:40
(Another) strange one! Anyone know of anywhere in the UK or Europe that sells 13x18 cms film. I have a pile of these sized holders and if I can get film I'll be happy, if not then I'll have to shell out for some regular 5x7 inch film holders :( Thanks!

David F. Stein
15-Mar-2005, 09:17
Paul, we can always get for you here in the States from J&C Photo. Start with the fotoimpex web site. GOOD LUCK.

tor kviljo
15-Mar-2005, 09:46
Last year, I bought a lot (500 sheets....) of Velvia in weirdly odd "half-plate" size from Process Supplies (London) Ltd. "Half-Plate" size (4 3/4" x 6 1/2" ) is used in cassettes identical in outer dimensjons to the 5"x7" & 13x18cm cassettes, and by accident I had a pile (bought them beliving they were 5"x7"...).

Now, Process-supplies sell sheet film on UK ebay now & then, and they are a joy to deal with. I recommend You give them a call (020 - 7837 2197) or email: sales@process-supplies.co.uk to hear if they have something in 13x18cm in.

Othervice, a German or Dutch supplier would be the next try - 13x18 being much more popular there I belive. I have bought a few boxes surplus/outdated 13x18 cm film on german ebay now & then, Agfacolor & ORWO B&W, so this might also be a source for film.

Good luck!

15-Mar-2005, 10:47
In case of B&W: you may try www.phototec.de. Good luck!

John Brewer
15-Mar-2005, 12:11
retrophotographic.com is where I go. Their range of products seems to be expanding weekly. Site is a bit difficult to navigate though.


stefan koll
18-Mar-2005, 08:51

Ilford`s Delta 100 and FP4+ is available in 13/18cms. I ordered some packs of Delta 100 recently, so it should be no problem.


wm mitchell
19-Mar-2005, 15:29

Where did you order 13x18 cm Ilford Delta 100? I thought they had discontinued it a few years ago?

wm mitchell
19-Mar-2005, 15:31
Sorry for the misspelling of your name!

Ole Tjugen
20-Mar-2005, 01:26
Any German shop should carry 13x18!

When I buy film here in Norway I have to specify very clearly if I want 13x18cm or 5x7" - some dealers are not too clear on the difference.

My solution to that problem is to have holders in both sizes - as well as half-plate, 9x12cm, 4x5", 18x24cm and 8x10".

stefan koll
21-Mar-2005, 01:58
Bill, Ole is right. I ordererd the film over my local shop (Nuernberg/Bavaria). As soon as I found out about Iford's financial situation, I ordered some more boxes - but it is still available. I assume, that there must be some more LF-photographers with metrical holders. And as Ilford obviously still has sheet film in metrical sizes, it should be no problem to get it from Ilford directly. In 18/24cms only FP4+ is available, so I will probably switch to it for 13/18cms. Let's see.