View Full Version : Grand Canyon in March???

7-Feb-2016, 15:20
Hey all,

Getting claustrophobic at the office and need an escape.

Was thinking of Grand Canyon and maybe some slot action around page.

What does everyone think? Is this a good time of the year?

Was hoping for some snow around the canyon.


Sirius Glass
7-Feb-2016, 16:28
The South Rim is open all year. The North Rim is closed during the winter. Check out the dates at www.nps.gov.

7-Feb-2016, 16:46

Yes I would be going to the south rim...

I know its open all year just wondering what people have experienced at that time of the year


Sirius Glass
7-Feb-2016, 18:46
I will be a lot less crowded during the summer.

Sal Santamaura
7-Feb-2016, 18:53
I will be a lot less crowded during the summer.You might be but the Grand Canyon's south rim sure won't. :D

Mark Sampson
7-Feb-2016, 19:48
I've been there twice at that time of year. Go. Bring warm clothing and lots of film. Go.

John Kasaian
8-Feb-2016, 07:14
The Grand Canyon is good medicine for cabin fever

8-Feb-2016, 11:20
Grand Canyon...early March -- you have Spring Break (some colleges have the week of March 5, but most seem to start March 12) the and Easter holidays in the latter part of the month!

Snow -- possibly...been there in the snow in May.

Drew Wiley
8-Feb-2016, 12:59
It can be nippy. But while you're there, take a drive up San Francisco Peak, a mosey into Walnut Canyon, etc. Sure beats the incessant convoys of tour buses in

9-Feb-2016, 22:37
Thanks everyone!

Randy Moe
10-Feb-2016, 06:57
In the 70's they warned by sign not to hike down into the canyon without reservations. My buddy and I ignored that and hiked 1/2 way down where there was a second warning sign at a viewpoint. We wisely turned around. Hiking up was very tiring and shortly we met 2 young women doing the same. We convinced them to join us hiking out and had a fine evening at the top. The campground was very lively ALL night.

mike rosenlof
12-Feb-2016, 08:01
The earliest I've been to the GC was mid april. At the rim it was well below freezing at night, and cool during the day. It was not crowded at the rim, but it was not a ghost town either.

The trails into the canyon, at least Kaibab and Bright Angel (from the south rim), had a few patches of dirty snow, but were mostly clear. The campground at Phantom was full (reservations required), and weather at the river was comfortable.