View Full Version : Polaroid 559 Pack film

Juergen Sattler
15-Mar-2005, 06:37
Does anyone know if Polaroid has discontinued the 559 Instant Pack film? B&H does not list it on their website anymore and Adorama "ran out of it", but states that it is just "back logged". I don't trust Adorama all that much and was wondering if you know more about this?


Vick Vickery
15-Mar-2005, 07:02
I read some months ago that Polaroid was discontinuing production of the 4x5 pack films...I had been thinking of buying a pack back in addition to my Polaroid sheet back because there was so much film on sale on that auction site, but changed my mind at that time. Guess its going the way of the other film packs...can't get film, so can't use 'em.

Sara P
15-Mar-2005, 08:20
Polaroid site says that it is no longer manufactured...but I think you can still buy it at Freestyle, it is just out of date...