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Arthur Nichols
15-Mar-2005, 05:21
I just purchased a 7x17 camera and I wondering how you ULF folks are storing your negatives. I searched the archives and followed on the advice given but could not find any kind of storage system for these larger negatives. There seems to be substantial number of people using this format so maybe someone can help.
Thanks in advance
Art Nichols

Pete Caluori
15-Mar-2005, 06:11
I don't shoot 7x17, but for 8x20 I use www.clearbags.com. They make a bag that is 8 7/16 x 20 1/4 that opens on the short end, but I don't seal the bag. I store them stacked in a box. The box isn't very deep, so there isn't much pressure on the negs at the bottom. Good luck!

Regards, Pete

15-Mar-2005, 11:42
Have you checked with the View Camea Store to see if they have any negative sleeves in this size? I bought several hundreds of these a few years ago from them, but it is probbly an item they special order and may not keep in stock.

David du Busc
15-Mar-2005, 11:53
Hey there,

This question has come up at least once in the last year or so ....you might want to check the archives more carefully. There were many suggestions.

Printfile 1620-2 print sleeves cut in half work very well for me. 35 bucks will get you 100 of 'em... which, of course, yields 200 negative sleeves for 7x17.

Good luck.

jerry brodkey
15-Mar-2005, 16:26
I just called the View Camera Store. They say that they have had them in the past but not now. Problem is that an order
must be for several thousand because the company that makes them has to set up the equipment specially since it is
such an irregular size..............

15-Mar-2005, 17:22
you could always buy a roll of mylar D (dupont archival polyester or melinex 516) and make them yourself to whatever size you need. companies like Conservation Resources Int'l, Hollinger, University Products, Gaylord Bros, Light Impressions, Archivart, Archival Methods, Metal Edge Inc, TALAS etc---these companies sell supplies to archives & museums and Mylar D in rolls is used for encapsulation and other kinds of enclosures.

They custom make Mylar enclosures as well. These will usually be a fold-lock type sleeve or may be as simple as an "interleaving" sleeve--which is really just a piece of Mylar folded over on one side. Mylar D can be cut out and scored on one edge to make the fold, or you can buy a type of adhesive tape that is used sometimes in document encapsulation.

btw--another way to do it would be to make a 4 flap envelope out of a buffered/acid & liginin free paper (like Apollo or maybe CRI's Microchamber stock). This way, you set the neg inside the center and fold the flaps over to close the envelope. When the flaps are open, it's handy to move the thing around, since it's oversize. Paper (PAT approved) is real good for neg storage--some ways better than plastic, because it doesn't trap humidity.

hope this makes sense, if not get a catalog from one of those companies I listed and you'll get the idea.

phil sweeney
16-Mar-2005, 05:12
I have folders from Superior Archival Materials. I took the 16 x 20s and cut in half. Then tyvek taped the two pieces cut from the folder to make a second folder. I like this so I can write on the folder all neg info and exposure diagram. They have 8 x 10 folders also. A little more cost but I think it is worth it.