View Full Version : Film for Graphic Film Pack Adapter

Michael Herzog
15-Mar-2005, 05:07
can anybody help me to find film for my Graphic Film Pack Adapter (No. 1234)!!!

Juergen Sattler
15-Mar-2005, 06:34

as far as I know, Kodak discontinued that film pack a long time ago and your Film Pack Adapter only has "collector" value. There just is no film available anymore. That's why they are being sold on eBay for almost nothing.


Neal Wydra
15-Mar-2005, 07:04
Dear Mike,

For collecting purposes, you can often find old outdated film packs on ebay. If you want to shoot, you can still find many Graphmatic adapters in very good working condition. Very handy for hand-held press camera shooting.

J. P. Mose
15-Mar-2005, 07:42
Film packs have not been manufactured since the early 1980's. I remember using some in the 1970's, as a novelty, and found them to be a royal pain in the butt because the film is so thin. I have seen them on Ebay from time to time.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
15-Mar-2005, 23:36
Just checked my film pack. It has a full load of green paper tri-x