View Full Version : Fuji Compact 300mm/8.5 Lens

Austin Moore
14-Mar-2005, 23:29
Hi guys I was just wondering if the Fuji Compact 300mm/8.5 has good coverage. Also how sharp is it. What do you think of it?


Steve Hamley
15-Mar-2005, 04:28

Coverage on what format? I've used it on 8x10 with quite a bit of rise before. It's a wonderful lens as is it's larger sibling the 450 C.


Gem Singer
15-Mar-2005, 06:39
Hi Austin,

The Fujinon f8.5 300C is a four element lens with a 380mm. image circle. It is EBC coated, mounted in a Copal 1 shutter, weighs 250 gms., and takes 52mm. screw-in filters. The Fuji 300C and the Nikkor 300M are very similar lenses. I have owned/used both of those lenses for the 4X5 format, as well as the 5X7 and the 8X10 format. Both lenses are sharp as a tack. On paper, the Fuji has a larger coverage than the Nikon, but I never noticed the difference when they were in actual use. I highly recommend both of those lenses.

Scott Rosenberg
15-Mar-2005, 07:25
seems like guys names austin are always askin' about 300mm lenses these days!

hey austin... i recently sold a fuji 300-A and bought a 300-C. just like eugene stated, the 300-C is compact, sharp, and contrasty... it's a WONDERFUL lens. one i will not soon part with.

Joe Bossuyt
15-Mar-2005, 07:37
Hello Scott,

Why did you dump the Fujinon 300A in favor of the 300C? Differences?

Scott Rosenberg
15-Mar-2005, 07:55
hi joe...

2 reasons: size and weight

the 300A was a fine lens, but didn't do anything that my 300-C does at half the size. i didn't need the coverage on 4x5, so it was an easy decision. i've no regrets and am very pleased with my 300-c and 450-c.

Austin Moore
15-Mar-2005, 11:00
its for 8x10 sorry i didn't say it above

Robert Skeoch
15-Mar-2005, 13:05
I have the lens and use it for 8x10. After trying a couple other lenses I decided to stop messing around and just bought a new 300 and 450 C. Love them both and I'm glad I switched. They're small, light and sharp.

austin granger
15-Mar-2005, 15:08
Well, just to add another Austin to the mix, I use the Fuji 300c for 8x10 and find it to be a great little lens. No problem with coverage and as far as sharpness goes, I'm just making contact prints so it's hard to quantify; I'll just offer that it's sharp enough to make you gasp with wonder!