View Full Version : Unsharp Masking with color negative film.

Stpephen Willlard
16-Nov-1999, 16:07
I hope to start experimenting with unsharp masking with color negative film. I plan on using TMax 100 b&w film for the mask and I have a color enlarging head. Does anybody have any ideas how I can zero out the orange mask that is found on most color negative films? Another way of viewing this is how can adjust the l ight source (which includes the orange cast of the negative) so that it is dayli ght balanced. I do not have access to a color temperature meter.

Michael S. Briggs
20-Nov-1999, 01:19
There is a good description of masking techniques in the book Post Exposure by Ctein. It would be worth it to read. He suggests dialing the color head to 90M + 60C.