View Full Version : Kalart Speed Flash synchroniser?

4-Feb-2016, 09:06
Just wondering if these work with electronic flash, or just bulbs. If it is just bulbs, is it possible to adjust it for flash? (Looking to use flash with a few lenses in the future, which don't have a sync socket - still waiting responses from UK repairers, but so far no-one apparently is capable of modifying older shutters). The shutters are a Regno one, an Alphax, and an Ilex Universal, (not sure of the size but it would possibly be a 4 or a 5 - waiting on delivery to get an exact measurement to confirm size).

4-Feb-2016, 10:08
If the synchronizer is being used just to trip the shutter and the flash (bulb or strobe) is connected to flash terminal on the shutter (M for flash and X for strobe) then sure it can be used. All it provides in that scenario is an electric shutter release.

If the shutter has no X synch then the chances of getting the getting the synchronizer solenoid to work with a strobe is probably more work than its worth.

4-Feb-2016, 10:57
146050146050 It's this kind - the one that you screw the end into the cable release socket, with a bi-post connector on the box below the plunger for the cable release.
None of the shutters have a physical socket for any kind of flash, so I was hoping that I could use this, as it looks that it should work. The only issue would be modifying it to trigger a microswitch to fire electronic flash. (Or confirming which speeds I can use on the shutter - probably 1/25 or slower).

Tin Can
4-Feb-2016, 11:48
I would try it.

You can also shoot 'Open Bulb', no shutter connection required.

Try it. Set the shutter for 1 second or faster and pop the strobe at the right moment.

Works for me.

4-Feb-2016, 12:32
Without X-synchronization capability in the shutter you are probably stuck with the Open Bulb technique that Randy mentioned, or a one-off modification of that (or another) shutter tripping device. Personally, I'd go with Randy's recommendation or get a x-synched shutter, or get an X-synched shutter.