View Full Version : New Bellows for an 8x10 Linhof Kardan

J. P. Mose
14-Mar-2005, 13:14
I need to replace the bellows on my 8x10 Linhof Kardan Bi-System. They are tired and developing new pinholes rapidly. I bought some tool dip and found this to be successful but I don't want to take any further risks.

The replacement bellows are $2047.50 at B&H Photo. After I picked myself up from the floor, I thought I would ask if anyone knows who the OEM for Linhof bellows is (Bob...are you there....)? The leatherette material is probably identical to what is used on a Technika.

Should I just send it off the Camera Bellows in UK? The bellows are strange in that they grow in size for about the first 5", then they taper down for the next 30" to 35". I assume Camera Bellows can duplicate this without a problem? Camera Bellows seems to have the highest consistant rating on this site, unless there is another recommended source?

Thanks for your time...you guys are the best!

JP Mose

Steve Hamley
14-Mar-2005, 13:35

I think Camera Bellows U.K. would have no problem. Why not e-mail them and ask? At these prices, I'm sure they've been asked before!


14-Mar-2005, 13:42

Ill ask Linhof directly tommorow for you, Im sure they are not that costly.



Juergen Sattler
14-Mar-2005, 13:51
Camera Bellows in the UK makes the bellows for the Linhof cameras (amongst others). Just call them - it will be by far your cheapest way to replace the bellows and the quality is great.


Bob Salomon
14-Mar-2005, 15:06
Which stadard bellow for the 810 B do you want? The long double conical one or the shorter one? The shorter one is no longer made but there could still be some in stock.

Michael Kadillak
14-Mar-2005, 15:21
I would get with Camera Bellows and utilize the synthetic material that they use for Canham Cameras. Pliable, water resistant, lightweight and considerably affordable. The double taper bellows you are talking about are similar to the ones that came on my Technikardan 45S and they can do them that way, but with the older material at a higher cost. I had them make me a straight taper bellows for the TK45S and it is far superior to the double taper ones IMHO out of the synthetic material. Far more tear resistant and pliable. The downside is that I cannot "fold" the camera with these bellows but so what? Two levers and it is off and back on the camera in a country second. Surely with the Bi Kardan these are not necessary (the camera does not fold but simply compress) unless you need to compress the bellows to some minimal dimensions.

I got a quote for $450 for a 50" 12x20 bellows so yours should be considerably less expensive. I am through with conventional bellows materials if at all possible. Send them the standards and they will get you taken care of in no time.


Frank Bagbey
14-Mar-2005, 22:57
Over $2000.00 for a bellows! What, are they absolutely nuts! A used unit with perfect bellows sold on Ebay for less than that. Some of these companies have no common sense and/or think their stuff is worth gold. I heard yesterday Leica is even going down the tubes. I can understand why.

tor kviljo
15-Mar-2005, 01:37
This is easy homework!: There are now & then used 8"x10" bellows for sale on ebay for both Cambo & Sinar (first one quite common & least expensive) sometimes also other brands. "All" of the monorails uses (except the bag-bellows - which You easily make from scratch) a square-tapered bellows for 8"x10" with 10"x10" rear frame & more or less 5"x5" front frame, so after cutting of original mounting hardware, only minor adjustment in size is necessary for swapping. As You allready have the mounting-hardware to mount the bellows onto the 5"x5" & 10"x10" format frames of Your linhof - it is no problem to remove old bellows & glue (contact-cement - which is what the manfacturer uses themselves....) + secure with glued-on black leather or (Q & D) black gaffers-tape the new bellows to former mount-hardware. Will probably be the best payed job pr. hour you ever had, compared to new linhof. Contrary to field-camera, where quarters are cramped & available space when closed about nil, fitting bellows to a monorails is very easy as long as You have the mounting frames.

J. P. Mose
15-Mar-2005, 07:32
Thanks for all of your inputs. I think I will simply send off the bellows to Camera Bellows in UK and have them duplicated.

Bob Salomon: I have the longer bellows, as the extend to around 38' - 39". The Linhof replacement bellows are too expensive for me. If Camera Bellows is an OEM to Linhof and can replace them for 200 pounds, this sounds like the best solution.

Thanks again!