View Full Version : 8x10 slide stock onto LED panel

Light on Glass
2-Feb-2016, 12:34
Hi there, has anybody tried shooting 8x10 inch in slide film, and then mounting it directly to an LED light panel, covering with glass, and displaying that way? Just curious what the results would be like.

Drew Wiley
2-Feb-2016, 13:35
Not LED but previous versions of exceptionally thin fluorescent light boxes with a hinged clear cover over the diffuser. More for presentation work, prior to laptops.
Looks just like it sounds. Not like a slide show in a darkened room.

Kevin Harding
2-Feb-2016, 17:07
How quickly would something like this fade the slide film versus archival storage, I wonder.

Tin Can
2-Feb-2016, 17:16
I dunno, but I have 4 pieces of 8x10 Ektascan in a south facing window for aging tests. It's for an art project.

I'll let you know next year.

2-Feb-2016, 19:21
I would bet it would fade faster than we'd like.

Back in the day, there were transparent color materials for back lit trade show displays and that sort of thing. Now there are digital options for printing onto acrylic.

Kevin Harding
2-Feb-2016, 19:30
Re: digital options for printing on acrylic. Indeed, and that's something that I'd potentially rather do.

Though, Light on Glass, I'll admit this is something I've often thought of doing. A while back, I found an online explainer on how to build a DYI light box using a deep frame from a craft store, a strip of white LEDs from Home Depot, and some translucent white paper as a diffuser. Works well for my negatives, should work well for your purpose. I've been tempted to do so, but am afraid of destroying the negatives.

Light on Glass
3-Feb-2016, 14:35
Yeah, I got the idea from some one who wanted to do that with 11x14, but they don't make that in slide film anymore anyway. I will try a start with Fujitrans or Fujiclear prints from digital scan made from my 4x5 camera and V700, and see how those look first. Thanks for replies.

Drew Wiley
3-Feb-2016, 14:43
People have done all kinds of fun backlit projects, like making "Tiffany" lampshades using their old 35mm color slides. Of course they fade out prematurely, but
so what? 8x10 chrome film, on the other hand, is rather expensive. If you want to retain the original for more serious purposes later on, not a good idea.