View Full Version : Upgrade my Super Graphic

Jack Davis
14-Mar-2005, 10:07

I'm planning on spending my tax refund on a new 4x5 and need the skinny. I've cut my teeth on my Super Graphic for over two years now and want more movements and flexibility.

What should I get given the following criteria:

1) Weighs less than or about the same as my Super Graphic.

2) Will be used predominately for landscape/nature photography several miles from the car.

3) Can accomodate my Schnieder 180 and 110xl

4) Lightning fast quick set up and adjusting.

5) Not fussy.

6) Rigid, good movements, good value.

Price is flexible, but definitely want value for my $$. Considering Wista, Toho, Ebony - but open to others.

Tell me what you recommend and why...

Steve Hamley
14-Mar-2005, 10:23

Ebony RW45 - it fulfills all your criteria.


Richard Littlewood
14-Mar-2005, 10:35
Have a play with a Walker Titan SF. Good range of movements and pretty indestructable. Comes with nifty bag bellows.

Gem Singer
14-Mar-2005, 11:09
Hi Jack,

I second Steve's recommendation for the Ebony RW45. Be sure to get one with the universal bellows. Midwest Photo Exchange, has a new one listed for $1,250. A call to Jim would be well worth your while.

Gary Frost
14-Mar-2005, 21:38
I'm sure you will get more movements and flexibility with a field camera over your Super Graphic
but the 'lightning fast setup' will be hard to better than your Super. With lens already mounted and infinity stop set, the Super is about as quick a draw as you will find in large format.
That said, I still pack my Tachihara and leave the Super at home for most trips.
With unfolding, adjustment/setup, and lens mounting, most field cameras are a bit slower.

Vick Vickery
15-Mar-2005, 07:10
My Super Graphic IS my field camera when I'm to lazy to lug the Cambo! I have found it to be handy, reasonably light, and easy to set up and use with the 90mm, 135mm and 240mm tele that I have mounted in Graphic Boards (am presently constructing an adapter board to use these lenses on the Cambo, too, without remounting.

Don Wallace
21-Mar-2005, 07:18
FWIW, I went from a Super Graphic to a Wisner Technical Field and I am quite happy. Nothing beats the Super for sheer HF (handy factor). If it had rear movements, it would still be my main camera.