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1-Feb-2016, 15:40
i am looking for information about this lens.

Rodenstock Doppel-Anastigmat "Eurynar" 1:4.5 f=30cm lens.

I've posted photos at https://rickmccubbin.smugmug.com/Other/Large-Format-Lens/

Thanks for any clues about this lens,


Dan Fromm
1-Feb-2016, 15:53
Good heavens, you're lazy.


1-Feb-2016, 15:55
If you send it to me I can check it out and let you know what I found.

Louis Pacilla
1-Feb-2016, 16:16
Hey Rick

It's a Series 4 Eurynar and double Gauss in design.

This catalog has correct information for your lens so look for the Series 4 as they made them in different Series varying only by lens speed.
Here's a link to Camera Eccentric thanks to Seth. http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/rodenstock_2.html

The use of 'Double' back in the day did not indicate design necessarily but more that the lens is convertible in the way of two different focal lengths or a symmetrical design like yours. The quality when converted was not always so good pre-coating w/ 4 air to glass surfaces but could still make a fine portrait lens converted.

1-Feb-2016, 19:55
Thank you so much, Louis (and Seth). The link was very helpful. I've not been a member of the forum very long, and his was the first question I posted. I will do my best to keep my questions relevant.


1-Feb-2016, 20:07
Since you're new, I'll clue you in that if you click on a user name, go to profile, down the left there's a mechanism to add that user to your ignore list so you never have to read them again.

1-Feb-2016, 20:23
I will have to check that out as I get further into this. Thank you, mdarnton.