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1-Feb-2016, 14:31
Having found the 8x10 contact print aesthetically satisfying (I have a dozen mounted and framed on my living room wall), I have been meaning to try a box or two of M&P's Lodima Fine Art Paper. Then last night, after reading through some of posts on the F11 thread, the question arose: Shouldn't it be possible to duplicate Azo at home? After all isn't the typical salt print printed on hand-coated silver chloride paper? Where would one start?


1-Feb-2016, 14:47
You could start by swinging over to apug and having a read up on the emulsion making forum, where PE (Ron Mowrey) is the guru, and also by looking at thelightfarm.com (Denise Ross' site dedicated to emulsion making)

Erik Larsen
1-Feb-2016, 14:48
I believe PE who frequents apug has a recipe for various grades of azo in his cd. If you search apug you might find the answers?

Edit - sorry pdh we typed at the same time

Michael R
1-Feb-2016, 14:51
Ron (PE) does have some recipes (also in his book) for Azo-type emulsions. Making an Azo-type paper is also part of the hands-on emulsion workshops he teaches at GEH (now GEM).

1-Feb-2016, 15:15
There is only AZO! Everything else is garbage:)

1-Feb-2016, 15:33
There is only AZO! Everything else is garbage:)

Good thing the :) Thomas is VERY talented with traditional salt prints.

1-Feb-2016, 15:40
Edit - sorry pdh we typed at the same time

No need to apologise to me, we're all equally free to add to threads and you added very specific extra info.

PE has posted an Azo-type formula at apug as well I think