View Full Version : 11050 Rapax Synchromatic Camera in Case

sharon smith
13-Mar-2005, 14:19
Does anyone have any information on this camera; age, worth
I just bought it

Thank you

Oren Grad
13-Mar-2005, 15:52
"Rapax Synchromatic" is the name of the shutter, not the name of the camera. Are there any other markings on the lens or on the camera itself?

Oren Grad
13-Mar-2005, 16:55
Based on pictures emailed, the camera appears to be a Ciro-Flex Model E twin-lens reflex camera, vintage perhaps late 1940s.

Juergen Sattler
13-Mar-2005, 21:11
If it is a Ciro-Flex Model E then it is worth about $45 - according to the Hove International Blue Book.