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13-Mar-2005, 03:08

I'm seeking information on the Bostick & Sullivan contact printing frame.

1. Does it come with a split back?
2. What is the exterior dimension of the 11x14 printing frame?
3. Is there a website that shows a picture of B&S frame? B&S website does not seemed to illustrate one.
4. Is there other brand printing frames that are as good but cost less (B&S is $115.00)?


Daniel Blakeslee
13-Mar-2005, 05:27
My 11x14 B&S printing frame measures a tiny fraction larger than 14x17 inches and is 1.5 inches thick. The image area is 11.5 x 14.5. It has a split back and is made of unstained maple with black felt. My frame has always worked perfectly. I also have an AWB 8x20 frame which is a little better constructed with tracks for the acrylic springs. The B&S frame just has grooves cut in the wood for its steel springs.

13-Mar-2005, 06:02
Thanks Daniel, really appreciate the information. Aaron

David F. Stein
13-Mar-2005, 07:03
I have done well finding vintage contact frames on eBay. Really beautiful ones that I have refinished. In the 8x10 size, you can also find wooden plate glass holders that have a dark slide. Convenient feature. If there are camera shows in your area, take a look there.

13-Mar-2005, 16:35
Thanks again. I'm a lousy handyman. I think I'll bite the bullet get a new B&S frame. Ouch!

Brian Ellis
13-Mar-2005, 22:19
You might look at the frames made by Doug Kennedy and Great Basin (if they're still in business). Both used to make excellent frames (I have one of Doug's 16x20s that I used for ten years and it's still fine). Neither was cheap. Sorry I don't have URLs for either Doug or Great Basin, you could try Googling.

14-Mar-2005, 00:19
Thanks Brian. Just ordered from B&S. Nevertheless, appreciate the response.