View Full Version : Kodak Dry Plates 3.25x5.5" still sealed.

29-Jan-2016, 19:13

Have found and purchase a Kodak 3a Autographic Special with the combination back and I just bought some plate holders for the system.
Will be trying my hand at making dry plates soon but I did come across a sealed package of vintage dry plates from Kodak on eBay.
I am wondering if there is a chance the plates could still be used and I am guessing I won't know till I try. :-)

Box is marked 1 Dozen, Eastman 36, Emulsion 2796 on the bottom of the box it is stamped 2796 50 11.
I had just a few questions:
ISO of the dry plates?
What developer should be used?

Thank you for any information and help. :)