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27-Jan-2016, 17:48
I would love if anyone can help me with this lens?

Written on the front says 'Dallmeyer Pentac F = 3" F/1.9 569137", however the aperture numbers on the side of the lens only go to 2.9...

The writing on the front looks original and the lenses does not look like it has been modified.. Im wondering if someone has changed the shutter out of this at some stage...

I have been searching online for 'Dallmeyer Pentac F = 3" F/1.9" but can not find any listing or info about it...

Any help would be most appreciated...

Thanks Luke

Dan Fromm
27-Jan-2016, 17:57
Most likely an engraving error. Pentacs are f/2.9 lenses.

Jim Galli
27-Jan-2016, 19:16
Dan's probably right. (He usually is, except for politics) But measure the width of the glass from edge to edge and report back please. More like 1 inch? or closer to 1 1/2 inch?

28-Jan-2016, 02:17
I agree with Dan, the 3" Pentac's were f2.9 so likely a mistake in engraving.


28-Jan-2016, 16:42
I'll give you $50 for it... I'm not really sure what that's from, a Cine camera? I have a late 1920s Reflex Camera sunken mount one that looks nothing like this, nor do the wartime MOD ones. Can't tell without seeing the mount, but the focal length would rule out anything large format, and VM says they made a lot of smaller ones for cine use.

29-Jan-2016, 00:59
Thank-you to those who have replied, appreciate the feedback.

The lens measures 1" from edge to edge of the glass.
I was told from the owner it was used in a military vehicle camera.

It could be an engraving error. The engraving defiantly looks original and has not been modified, if this is the case "engraving error" then surely it has to make this lens even more collectable and valuable... Yes I agree, who cares about something so trivial... but some people strangely enough do...

I have attached two images of the lens mount.

And Im sorry Judy, I will have to decline your offer of $50.

29-Jan-2016, 04:12
My gut instinct is that's probably a late production Dallmeyer lens made in the very late 1950s or more likely early 1960s, not long before they ceased trading. They revamped their lens barrels and gave them a much more modern looking make-over.

Dallmeyer were struggling in the early 60 and the work force must have become quite demoralised which maybe why there's a mistake in the engraving.

It's a nice little lens but it doesn't have a lot of coverage, 6x6 but unlikely 6x7. Dallmeyer sold the 4" f2.9 Pentac for the baby 6x9 Speed Graphic so in terms of value it's not like the far more desirable longer FL f2.9 Pentacs and f3.5 Dalmac which cover large format sizes.


Steven Tribe
29-Jan-2016, 05:22
Unlike stamps and coins, engraving errors on lenses do not add value!

Jim Galli
29-Jan-2016, 08:09
A little rapid mathematical calculation. 1" glass into 3" lens is f3. f2.9 as it were. the number is an engraving error.

30-Jan-2016, 17:31
Ok, thanks Ian and Jim for the info.

Appreciate the replies. :)