View Full Version : understanding dektol dilution

brian steinberger
12-Mar-2005, 00:38
i recently got a powder pack of dektol, that is meant to make 1 gallon. i mixed up the whole packet to make one gallon. i'm confused here. should i be diluting this mixure further to 1:2, or have i already mixed this 1:2? i'm confused.

Henry Friedman
12-Mar-2005, 03:28
You made the "stock solution". Mix one part of the stock solution with two parts of water to make your "working solution". Store the stock solution in an airtight container (with as little air as possible). Make enough working solution for one printing session, then discard.

Bruce Barlow
12-Mar-2005, 05:49
You can decant your Stock solution into 16 or 20 oz. plastic soft drink or water bottles. Fill them full - no air - and the Dektol won't oxidize and will last a long, long time. Use 1 bottle of developer with 2 bottles of water for the Working solution.

Peter Galea
12-Mar-2005, 06:27
If you have kids, NEVER place any chemicals into a soft drink or water bottle.

Donald Qualls
12-Mar-2005, 07:00
Absolutely right -- at the very least, any bottle to be reused for chemical storage should have the original label removed and be spray painted, dyed, or otherwise altered so it doesn't look like the ones that contain drinkables. Better would be to buy Boston Rounds bottles -- dark glass with cone-seal caps that are really airtight -- and label them properly as to contents, including a skull-and-bones and/or Mr. Yuck symbol to make it really clear this is not for drinking.

Andrew O'Neill
12-Mar-2005, 08:31
...or you can dilute the stock to 1+3 from the standard 1+2, and extend the development time to 3 minutes. Economical, and can sometimes bring out more detail in very light tonal areas.

Brian Schall
12-Mar-2005, 19:36
I always like using the 1 quart size and mixing it 1:3. That way it gave me 1 gallon of working solution that was just right for my 12x16 trays. Even AA used 1:3 sometimes.

Frank Bagbey
12-Mar-2005, 21:49
Brian, Kodak no longer makes Dektol in Quart sizes. They only make 1 Gallon sizes. Recently someone recommended mixing up the Gallon of Dekol, then storing the Dektol in a number of 16 ounce bottles. When needed, just pour one of the bottles in a tray and add two more bottles of water to get the 1 to 2 dilution. This is one of the best ideas ever. It helps get maximum storage out of your Dektol stock solution and makes mixing just that more simple.

1-Mar-2013, 22:00
I've just finished building a home made box camera with which I want to travel around China taking picures or people I like for pleasure, and of tourist to make a living. I wanted to use Rodinal because it lasts for a very long time and it's very easy to use, but only found Dektol in the store and I have never used it.
My problem is that travelling with 5l of stock solution is not an option, I have not found any information about if I can mix only a small portion of the pouder and then close carefully the rest. The only similar information I found is a very categorical "mix immediately after opening" in Ilford's website concerning one of Ilford's pouders, but I don't know if it is the same for any pouder or if they might exagerate a little.
Any of you have tried not to mix all the pouder imediately but doing so after some months?

Thank you very much!