View Full Version : WTB lens board brackets

25-Jan-2016, 15:25
I'm looking for the sliding brackets to hold the lens board onto my 11X14 camera. Is taped on currently, so changing the boards are a pain. ANyone have a source for those parts?

Picture is not of the camera, just to show the parts I'm looking for. Thanks!145592

Kevin Crisp
25-Jan-2016, 15:29
Can't you still get stock Deardorff parts for this?

Jim C.
25-Jan-2016, 17:25
Have you looked on eBay ?

25-Jan-2016, 17:39
have searched and searched. Send me a link if you see one please.

Jim Jones
26-Jan-2016, 08:23
Rather than use a sliding bracket, consider a turnbolt. They should be available in hardware stores or can be fabricated by bending up one side of a flat washer.