View Full Version : Wisner ULF Reducing Back Pins Adjustment

Michael Kadillak
11-Mar-2005, 21:26
Just received my 8x20 Wisner reducing back for my 12x20 camera (many thanks Jeff and Chris at Quality Camera) on time as expected. Questions I have is that it appears that two of the holding pins (one on the top and one on the bottom on opposite sides) were set a bit wide for the receiving holes and I wanted to ask the more knowledgable concerning the best way to remedy the situation. Trying to bend them with say a cresent wrench risks harming the pin seats and the last thing I want is a wobbly pin that could come out. What about filing them with a small metal file?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Tracy Storer
11-Mar-2005, 23:30
If they're not that far off, a bit of careful filing should be fine. Wisner does use a good sized pin, so you'll still be left with solid connections. If the misalignment is more severe. the pin can be removed, the hole plugged with Mahagony or Cherry depending on your camera, and the pin relocated.

Michael Kadillak
12-Mar-2005, 07:43
Thanks Tracy.

I will use this technique and see if I can get it aligned. Far better option than sending it off for the work.


Michael Kadillak
12-Mar-2005, 14:37
Great suggestion Tracy!

Went over to the hardware store and got a fine metal file and gradually worked off very small increments of the pins and all is now very well. The back fits wonderfully and I am pleased as punch with the outcome.

They are thick enough to be able to accept some modest reductions in their proportions and still have more than enought mass to perform their intended function perfectly.

Time to get out and burn some film!


John Z.
12-Mar-2005, 21:04
How did you get Ron to deliver your Reducing Back in a timely fashion? I have one on order, as well as the ground glass protector for my 11x14. It was promised in two weeks, and it has been four months, and I can't seem to get it made. Maybe there is some method to this I have not figured out yet. The reducing back I ordered directly, but the GG protector through Midwest, which is still as good a company as any. I am thinking about giving up.