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25-Jan-2016, 06:32
Hi, we have a camera store and someone donated this very big old "camera" to us.
Any information on this camera would be much appreciated, like date, what is was used for, value etc.

Info found on camera & lenses:

"Statfile" Recorder & Enlarger
Trade Mark - Registered in Great Britain
Manufactured by Photostat Limited London
Serial No 261

Photostat Model No 4
Photostat Ltd London
Cook Lens and Prism
No 322467
Made by Taylor-Hobson, England.
Pat No. 242755

Cooke Apotal Process Lens No310560 30 c.m. F/10
Made by Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Ltd England, Patent 474815

Cooke Anastigmat No 318299 21 inch 530m.m.
Pat No 113590 Made by Taylor - Taylor & Hobson Ltd England


25-Jan-2016, 06:47
It's a document copying camera, the prism is to correct the image to stop it being inverted. They used a paper that was processed in an actiavtor /stabiliser system or could record onto film. Many came on a track bed. It's possibly missing some of the camera back. These cameras are advertised in post WWII BJP Almanacs.

At one time the word photostat was the common term for copying documents even after Photocopiers were introduced, just like all carpet sweepers were commonly called Hoovers regardless of the make.


27-Jan-2016, 06:14