View Full Version : Adjusting tilt on a Canham DLC45

David Mark
11-Mar-2005, 08:38
I have been having difficulty making fine adjustments to the tilt of my Canham DLC45, and wondered whether other users of this camera had tips or tricks they would like to share.

I use the "focus-check" method of adjusting tilt (described in an article by Howard Bond some years ago in Photo Techniques, and also in the focusing article on this website). This iterative method requires making progressively finer adjustments to the tilt as you approach the chosen plain of focus. My problem with the Canham is this: the front standard has a bit of spring in it, and the base tilt adjustment screws have a bit of "stick" to them, unless loosened entirely. The result is that I have trouble making precise small adjustments of the tilt. It is all too easy to make no adjustment when I thought I had made a small adjustment, or an adjustment that is slightly too large.

I have always been able to perfect the tilt -- eventually -- but it can take me a surprisingly long time. Five minutes just to get the tilt right would not be uncommon for me.

I want to emphasize that I love the camera and have no plans to replace it. Rather, I am trying to streamline every aspect of my camera setup and handling procudures so that I can get more exposures per outing.

11-Mar-2005, 08:57
Unless you are shooting architecture, give yourself a break and use rear tilt. It is at least 100 times easier. IMHO.

Kevin Crisp
11-Mar-2005, 09:10
David: This is an interesting post in light of all the prior complaints people had about wanting stronger ball detents on the front standard. The problem you are describing was the company line on why Canham didn't want stronger detents. I have found that one "T" lock being even reasonably tight will hold the front standard. So try loosening one entirely, adjust the other to be only slightly tight (depends on the weight of the lens, obviously) then you can make small tilts. If you still have a problem, I suspect Keith Canham could make the ball detents less noticeable for you. I agree with CXC about rear tilt, at least most of the time. Good luck.

Kevin M Bourque
11-Mar-2005, 13:50
I agree with the other Kevin's comments. When making tilt adjustments, I leave one knob loose and the other just slightly tight. I never seem to have a problem.

Arthur Nichols
12-Mar-2005, 07:21
I have a DLC and the front tilt is the one thing about the camera that I don't like. I also find it hard to adjust. If I buy another Canham I will buy one with front axis tilt. I don't know of any quick or easy fixes other than just getting used to it.
Arthur Nichols