View Full Version : Help with Wista 45 DX camera parts

robin willey
11-Mar-2005, 07:14
Re: The rise and fall Lens panel unit on the Wista 45 DX camera

The stud / bolt has broken on the left hand side which tightens the unit via a brass knerled wheel ( there is one on each side) . I'm having problems identifiying / finding the thread dia and size.

Can anyone help please

Please note I live in the UK

Thank you



Pete Watkins
11-Mar-2005, 08:12
Robin, I believe that Teamwork in central London are importers/agents for Wista. Why not e-mail Wista in Japan, they do translate into English (it's not perfect, but I bet it's better than our Japanese) and they might be willing to send you the part.

12-Mar-2005, 13:33

Email Wista directly... the person I've communicated with in the past is Mr. Sakai. Here's their email address: