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21-Jan-2016, 08:20
Wondering if anyone here has seen this kind of a leak before. Its not showing up on all my sheets but effected a couple of negatives from my last batch.

Thanks in advance


21-Jan-2016, 12:46
On second thought (and with solicited input) maybe this a result of a processing error? I've never had a problem with this lab before and it only showed up on 3 out of 27 negatives....

Jim Noel
21-Jan-2016, 12:53
It looks a lot more like processing to me.

Andy Eads
21-Jan-2016, 13:48
If the film in the holder was cool and the air humid, you might be looking at condensation on the film surface at the time of exposure.

21-Jan-2016, 14:07
Well it was cold out and the loaded holders came from a heated car into the cold so maybe that was the cause. Thanks for taking a look!

Paul Metcalf
21-Jan-2016, 14:36
Yeah, condensation given the scenario you describe. Keep your loaded film holders in your trunk (non-heated) if shooting in cold weather.

Jim C.
21-Jan-2016, 16:55
Looks too localized to me to be condensation, I agree with Jim Noel that it's a developing issue
there's a link to an article that seems to exhibit the same issues due to residual photo flo
in the developing tank - http://startstudioarts.si.edu/2011/02/troubleshooting-film-series-bubbles-on-negatives.html

Paul Metcalf
21-Jan-2016, 17:32
Well it sure looks like the view from inside my old landcruiser when the windows are all fogged up with condensation. That photo-flo issue looks a lot different to me.