View Full Version : Ilford Galerie Digital Silver paper

Jim C.
20-Jan-2016, 19:10
Has anyone used this panchromatic Ilford paper using traditional photo enlargers rather than
digital enlargers with color negatives ?

Roger Thoms
20-Jan-2016, 19:26
Where's Bob Cairne, I'm sure he'll have some insight. I'm guessing that you would have to expose and process in total darkness. Isn't the digital paper exposed with RGB lasers or LEDs?


Jim C.
20-Jan-2016, 20:57
Yes, since the paper is panchromatic you would have to handle, expose and develop in total darkness
and it is meant for digital enlargers.
I'm thinking that it may be a possible substitute for the defunct Kodak Panalure paper.

Bill Burk
20-Jan-2016, 21:42
I've considered it, but committing to a roll isn't in my budget. Bob Carnie suggests it is effectively Galerie Grade 4.

bob carnie
21-Jan-2016, 07:06
I have never tried this paper in an enlarger. But I do believe it is a higher grade, and should work quite nicely for colour negatives.

21-Jan-2016, 08:34
It's Panchromatic, so as Bob says would be interesting for colour negative. I wonder what it would be like for paper negatives and also as a reversal material, the main issue is you need to use it in darkness.