View Full Version : Where can I find a tachihara wood field?

John Mauser
10-Mar-2005, 11:44
Hi all,
I'm trying to locate a Tachihara Woodfield camera, preferably used...I'm on a tight budget.
A Calumet Woodfield XM would be fine too. Besides ebay, are there any dealers that get these in? If so please give me a heads up. Thanks, John

David Karp
10-Mar-2005, 12:13

Check with Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange. He is a great resource, and a nice guy. You can also try Jeff at Badger Graphics. I have not purchased anything from him, but have read many good reports.

Steve Hamley
10-Mar-2005, 12:28

Jim got the Tachihara demos from Photokina. Great deal if he has any left.


Ben Calwell
10-Mar-2005, 12:34
Midwest photo www.mpex.com usually has used Tachiharas. Check with Jim.

John Mauser
10-Mar-2005, 13:12
I emailed Jim, he doesn't have any used ones right now.

Alex Ragen
10-Mar-2005, 14:30
If you're searching on Ebay, search for Osaka cameras too. I got mine on Ebay, and it appears to be a Tachihara clone.

10-Mar-2005, 14:46
What size camera are you looking for?

Robert C. McColloch
10-Mar-2005, 18:15
Look on the APUG forum and you'll find a used one in good condtion (it's mine!)

Jeff Morfit
10-Mar-2005, 18:53
Badger Graphic has both 4x5 and 8x10 cameras in stock.

John Mauser
10-Mar-2005, 20:50
Jim, I'm looking for a 4x5 tachihara aka calumet woodfield aka osaka...
Robert, I looked for info on your camera, what's your screen name on APUG?
If its an older camera, I'd like one of the newer ones that can take handle real wide angle lenses.
Jeff, I saw that badger graphic has new ones for $600 which is real cheap for a wooden camera, but Id like to try to find a slightly used one for cheaper since I still need a 90mm lens, a handheld light meter, and a heavier tripod too.
Although I've shot a Zone VI several times, this will be my first LF, and I have to get all the goodies on a starving artist budget. Everyone on this website has been more than friendly and helpful, so thank you, John

Dave Moeller
11-Mar-2005, 03:07
I believe this thread is the one in which Robert has his camera for sale on APUG:


(His email address here matches the one he gives in the APUG thread.)

Robert C. McColloch
11-Mar-2005, 11:59
John –
The Tachihara I have on sale through APUG can be found on their site noted in this link:
Click the search function and type in Tachihara and you’ll find it. And, yes it will take a 90mm wide angle lens.
By the way this is a great web site with great people partipating. Is is SOLEY analog Large Format; you should find this quite useful as you come up to speed in LF. By the way, once sold I will donate 3% of the selling price to support APUG and its fine adminstrator.