View Full Version : price and description of lens

kevin casey
10-Mar-2005, 10:36
I have recently obtained a large lens and I wasn't sure whether it is for a large format camrea, or for a cinematic projector . It is a

AGA-Bausch and Lomb Anamorphot 1;2 NR 1129 type- 599059 Stockholm Sweeden.

Any information regrading description, use and price would be most helpful

Tom Westbrook
10-Mar-2005, 13:02
Don't know for sure, but I'd guess it's a cinema lens, judging from a Google search of 'anamorphot' and 'anamorphic'. See www.dvdaust.com/anamorphic.htm (http://www.dvdaust.com/anamorphic.htm) for some quick info.