View Full Version : 8x10 Kodalith Fine Art sheet film; No notches

Bogdan Karasek
18-Jan-2016, 13:53

I was given a box a 8x10 Kodalith Fine Art sheet film. There are no notches to indicate the side with the emulsion. How am I supposed to load the film in the film holders if I don't know which side is the emulsion side????

18-Jan-2016, 14:03

18-Jan-2016, 14:10
take a sheet out. the emulsion side is duller than the base side.

Drew Wiley
18-Jan-2016, 14:17
One can also slide a finger across the film and listen carefully. The emulsion side won't sound as slick either.

Mark Sampson
18-Jan-2016, 16:23
Kodalith Fine Art? There were many variations of Kodalith, but I never heard of that one. How old is it? IIRC Kodak replaced the Kodalith line with a variety of 'rapid access' films in the early 1990s.

19-Jan-2016, 06:54
It's panchromatic?

I would cut off a small corner rather than waste a whole sheet, but that's me.

Drew Wiley
19-Jan-2016, 14:29
Yep. That's the kind of thing I keep a small pair of blunt kiddie scissors for.

31-Jan-2016, 13:19

Think about it

9-Feb-2016, 09:08
Try drying your lips and gently close them on a corner of the film.The residual moisture will cause the film to lightly stick to the lip on the emulsion side.Works every time for me.