View Full Version : Lens thread-measuring Depth gauge-measuring pitch(gears) old APO-Ronars 360/480/9

17-Jan-2016, 08:50
I am trying to find out how to use my new NFC depth-gauge.
it was about the dimensions of front-thread for sunshade of 360/9 which somebody had given in photo.net.
its M54.5mm x .05 he said. i verified 54.5mm, then checked pitch.
go to UNF
48 PITCH/inch (german: gearheight/Ganghöhe): 0.529mm SO THE MENTIONED 0.5 is ok.
480/9-1200g with filterholder-slit
no front-thread.
rear-lens-thread must be 72 x 1 since filter adapter 72 x0.75 does not match. and i measured 24 or 28 pitch/inch
but is it M72? if M is mentioned then its mm right?M=Metric

Dan Fromm
17-Jan-2016, 08:59
Maxb = a mm diameter across the threads, b threads/mm pitch