View Full Version : Lensboard for 4x5 New-Vue camera

Thomas Ferko
25-Feb-1998, 11:54
I need several metal lensboards for a 4x5 New-Vue camera made by the Newton Phot o Products Co. in the 1940 era. Its not a well known camera. The lensboard is 4x 4 inches and 1/8 inch thick. It has a raised metal ridge on the inside that acts as a light baffle. This raised metal ridge measures 3 5/8x 3 5/8 inch and conta cts the insides of the camera when the lensboard is in place. Does anyone know w here I can find a source for this board or did another manufacturer make a simil ar metal board with the same specs? Contact: talltandj@aol.com

Ron Shaw
25-Feb-1998, 15:01
Unfortunately, I dont know where you can find this unless you check with various merchants who deal with classic cameras, but it may be possible to make one yourself from plastic. If you have a retailer in your area that sells plastic products (check with sign makers also), you should be able to find one with plastic sheets in the proper thickness. The one in my area has a good selection and are willing to help. Tell them what you need, and they may have suggestions. With plastic adhesives, you may be able to recreate the lip on the 1/8 in. plate. I would think that 1/8 thk. plastic should have adequite strength. Good l uck.

Michael Kadillak
26-Feb-1998, 00:07
Yes, I know where you can obtain a replacement for this lensboard (including the light seal) and for that matter any lensboard no matter the date of production. I recently experienced the same problem in securing replacement boards for my 8 x10 Kodak Master View.

After much research and phone time, I found a craftsman here in Colorado who for about 30 years has been fabricating replacement boards identical to the origina l out of high density plastic. All he needs is an original lens board to copy an d from. I was extremely pleased with the results and the rigidity. It was identi cal to my board in every dimension and fit perfectly. I actually like it better than the original, which is a soft pressed aluminum and difficult to drill. He r etains thickness when possible for strength and actually milled the light seal i n the back and maintained a stippled flat front surface. He charges between $30 and $40 per board. I had him make me three and he cut me a break in price. Unfor tunately, he does not have access to the internet. Let me know if you are intere sted and I will put you in touch with him.

Greg Curtis
3-Mar-2004, 15:00
I realize this is an old thread, but maybe someone is still reading it.

I made a few lens boards for my Newton NewVue out of black polycarbonate on a milling machine. I also bought a few lensboards of unmilled, flat polycarbonate stock from Bender Photographic, which sells 4x5 kit cameras. Both work very well. My NewVue, at least, does not need light traps on the board to be light tight.