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allen mckinney
9-Mar-2005, 17:40
I print platinum prints using the Malde/Ware process. I'm using Arches Platine. I've been printing for about four years now in sizes up to 22x30.
I've always had problems with blotches in the very dark smooth areas. I have gotten around that by cutting the sensitizer by half with water and
double coating. Solves the problem but doesn't get the same Dmax. Any solutions?

Andrew O'Neill
9-Mar-2005, 18:10
What's the Malde/Ware process?

Rob Vinnedge
9-Mar-2005, 18:18
Check out the Bostick & Sullivan website (bostick-sullivan.com) if you haven't already. They have an excellent alternative photo discussion line, which specializes in offering just the information you're seeking.

Matt Miller
10-Mar-2005, 06:10
Or ask your question at APUG. There are lots of very pt/pd-knowledgeable folks that hang out there.

Michael Dowdall
10-Mar-2005, 07:31
Another good source for info with a searchable archive is;



Jorge Gasteazoro
10-Mar-2005, 08:25
A friend at APUG said he is getting good prints by giving platine an Oxalic Acid bath and then sizing with gelatin in place of double coating. You might one to try that. OTOH I dont do any of this with Platine but my negatives are very dense, this might be another option for you.

Good luck.

Jim Rhoades
10-Mar-2005, 09:31
I don't know what the Malde/Ware process is but how about a couple of drops of 20% Tween?

10-Mar-2005, 09:54
The easiest fix is to try a better paper. such as cot 320, cranes platinotype, socorro is nice. I have never had to double coat a pt/pd print. The biggest mistake i see people make is not using enough solution during the first coating. And please allow the solution to sit for at least three minutes after coating to allow the metal salts to permeate the paper, to many people grab the hair dryer way to quick. I would like for you to expalin this malde/ware process you are talking about . I've been using the newer NA2 method with great results. Are you refering to the traditional chemistry? It would interesting to hear of your process. Are you checking the density range of your negative before mixing your solutions to determine contrast control with the platinum? What is the density range of your negatives running? Trying to print through bullet proof negs can be a problem also.A lot of variables in this process is what makes it so fun and challenging. ....good luck

Diane Maher
10-Mar-2005, 10:52
Here's a link to a site which compares the Ziatype to the Ware-Malde process.
www.bostick-sullivan.com/Technical_papers/Ware-Malde.html (http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/Technical_papers/Ware-Malde.html)

Christian Nze
10-Mar-2005, 13:56
Hi Allen

you will find some information ther

I think this may be linnk to your humidity or/ and ferric salt.
Do you make pure platinum?
do you use it as a total print out process or do you develop it??
Christian Nze

10-Mar-2005, 15:16
I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about ziatype. My post was referring to Pt/pd print.