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Jeff Morfit
9-Mar-2005, 09:19
Has anyone had experience in using the ArtWorks 4x5 camera from Fine Art Photo Supply? I am looking at buying either the Shen-Hao 45 or the ArtWorks camera. Can anyone provide some input, please.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Sampson
9-Mar-2005, 09:32
I think that it's actually a re-badged Tachihara. If so, a good basic camera- I used a Tachi for ten years and enjoyed it.

Gem Singer
9-Mar-2005, 09:36
Hi Jeff,

The Art Works camera from Fine Art Photo Supply is a rebadged Tachihara. Anthony had them custom stained in a darker cherry wood finish and had the metal work plated and brushed to look like titanium (Ebony imitation?).

A new 4X5 Tachihara, in the standard cherry wood and brass finish, can be purchased from Jeff, at Badger, or Jim, at Midwest for just under $600, including a lensboard. You need to decide whether the added cost of the Fine Art custom finish is worthwhile, or not.

The 4X5 Shen Hao is also available at Midwest, as well as Badger. The Shen Hao will give you more features for the price. Check Midwest's prices. They include a lensboard and a case for the camera in their package.

steve simmons
9-Mar-2005, 09:37
Here is my standard advice to anyone thinking of purchasing a view camera.

Do some reading/research beforehand

Getting Started in Large Format. This is a fee article on our web sit


The key to selecting a lf camera are the features. This article will help you decide what is important to you. Either/neither of these cameras may work for you.

Here ar some good intro books

User's Guide to the View Camera by Jim Stone

Large Format Nature Photography by Jack Dykinga

Using the View Camera that I wrote.

Any/all should be available from Amazon.com

steve simmons

Jeff Morfit
9-Mar-2005, 10:54
Thanks for the help Steve, Eugene, and Mark. I had already checked this website as well as Yahoo's to see if there was any information about the ArtWorks camera before starting this thread. I had also researched as far as I could go looking for comparisons of the two cameras without any luck. I have also found that Kodak's Book of Large-Format Photography, 2002 edition, to contain quite a bit of helpful information. Steve, your book and Jim Stone's are already part of my library. They are both really great.