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12-Jan-2016, 12:38
I am about to embark on my first use of (quarter plate) sheet film in my antique camera. I will be sending the film out for developing in some kind of dark bag.
I know film is notched (Ilford for sure, per wikipedia). I am less sure about the other choices I might have - Adox or Foma (haven't found a US source of any of these yet), so I can identify the emulsion side.
Since I will be taking test shots, I would like to match up the camera settings and the holders with the negatives which come back. I don't know how to do this. I assume individual sheets of film are not numbered (correct?). I assume the Lab can shuffle them (or I will, getting them out the holders:). So is there a technique? What to do?


12-Jan-2016, 12:46
Several versions of this system out there. http://www.jbhphoto.com/articles/film-holder-numbering/

I prefer the one explained in "way beyond monochrome" because it can be performed with a file and utility knife.

Jim Noel
12-Jan-2016, 14:14
The system Vinny proposes is probably the best for your purpose.

12-Jan-2016, 14:52
The system Vinny proposes is probably the best for your purpose.

And if not, then there has been a good thread on this in the past. The rebate area of the negative is often included in my prints, so I am relunctant to introduce a system that modifies the appearance of the rebate. I did acquire a few older 8x10 holders that someone had drilled small holes in the strip of metal that hold down the long side of the film. I assume the location of the holes told the original owner which holder the film was exposed in.

Here is an example -- one corner of an 8x10 carbon print -- the "hole" can be seen on the rebate on the top, towards the left. It would not be as easy to see if the subject area right at the site of the hole was a deep shadow.

12-Jan-2016, 17:53
thank you, all. Very helpful.

Oren Grad
12-Jan-2016, 18:28
If they are test shots, put something in the picture to identify each - say an index card with a sequence number, keyed to your exposure log.