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Glenn Kroeger
16-Nov-1999, 12:20
I could use some pointers to manufacturers of view camera bellows. I would parti cularly like to find out who can make bellows like those found on the DLC or oth er newer cameras that have exceptionally flexible bellows. Thanks

Ellis Vener
16-Nov-1999, 13:46
Those bellows (the ones for the Canham cameras at least) are custom made in Engl and. I believe the company also makes custom bellows for Arca Swiss, Linhof and maybe Sinar. Part of the exceptional versatility of the DLC bellows is attributable to the design of the bellows. I suspect Keith Canham is responsible for that. Other designs might not yield comparable results. My comme nts are based on a conversation I had with Keith Canham about two years ago, so I may not not have some of the nonessential (i.e non DLC) facts straigh t.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
16-Nov-1999, 16:33
I've got to concur with Ellis! I have wanted to get a Canham-esque bellows for my Kodak but just can't afford it. Ellis do you have contact info for those British Bellows folks? An article on the Canham in Photo Techniques pretty much parallels Ellis' statements the virtue of the bellows is part material and part design - the size of the folds varys at the ends to allow greater flexibility when they are compacted - taking greater advantage of the cameras flexibility than would otherwise be possible. Keith is something else.

Other than that though, there are the usual suspects

Universal Bellows 25 Hanse Place Freeport, NY - regular advertiser in Shutterbug

Great Western Bellows in Rancho Cucmonga, CA

Flexible Products in Florida

I have posted all the addresses, phone numbers, etc. in other bellows inquiries in the archives

Bob Eskridge
16-Nov-1999, 18:25
The following manufacturer was posted somewhere back in 1998 as the manufacturer of bellows for Sinar, Linhof, Canham etc. Can't prove it however.

Camera Bellows Suite 3-5 St Pauls's Road Balsall Heath Birmingham B12 8NG England

Tel 0121 440 1695 Fax 0121 440 0972

James Chow
16-Nov-1999, 22:03
Isn't that bellows company associated w/ Lee filters? I remember receiving a ful l packet of literature from Lee and it included a brochure on getting custom-mad e bellows.

16-Nov-1999, 22:34
Lee filter owns Camera Bellows.

Sergio Ortega
17-Nov-1999, 18:51

Check out the Lee Filters web site. They have a complete section describing thi s bellows making company. Good luck, Sergio.

Jon Grepstad
21-Dec-1999, 13:27
You will find some information here: http://home.sol.no/~gjon/lffaq.htm