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Paulo Carvalho
9-Mar-2005, 04:37
I am an amateur photographer, without experience in the large format.
I have the possibility to buy a second-hand Linhof Standard Press whith 3 Schneider lens:
90-f6,8; 127-f4,7 and 240-f5,5

I need some help from the group.

1 - How much shold I pay for this equipment in mint condition ?

2 - Which the types of movements allow this camera?

3 - Can I use in the future, the lens, the lens boards and the backs in a Linhof Technika ?

Sorry for my bad english.

Best Regards,
Paulo Carvalho

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2005, 07:17
The Standard Press was a simplified Technika III made for the US market. It had no swing/tilt frame and had a rigid front standard - in short it is a large format camera but not a view camera. As it takes Technika III accessories these will not fit any Linhof made after 1956. IThe boards and accessories like gg and frenels only will fit the cameras made from 1946 to 1956.

This camera had better be a tremendous bargain.

9-Mar-2005, 07:26
$250 TOPS if everything works and the lenses are all cammed. Check the bellows VERY carefully, a new one will cost hundreds.

Juergen Sattler
9-Mar-2005, 07:36
I think you are a little bit off, Bill. The lenses alone are worth more than your 250 max. quote. A new bellows from Camera Bellows in England for a Tech III (incl. the press) is 75 pounds (about $130, or so). If you can get the camera for $400 to $500 (incl. the lenses and yes, they should be cammed) then you should have a good deal.


tor kviljo
10-Mar-2005, 01:48
I guess You VERY MUCH will miss the movements if You buy this camera, so I suggest You should not pay any more than for the lenses (OK, a collector will probably give You a few $$ for the body). Your listing indicates that the set consist of the 90mm Schneider Angulon (quite good if You have an OK exemplar - which the Linhof markedet usually are), a 127mm f 4.7 Schneider Xenar (a Tessar-type 4-element lens: sharp in center but only small movements possible) and then a 240mm f 5.5 Schneider Tele Arton or Schneider Tele Xenar. Not good to use with movements as it have very limited image circle + optical centre is not in the lens-board plane. Personally, I would only have cared to own the 90mm and possibly the 127mm (as very light lenses for travel), and I guess I would have not paid more than $$ 300 (400 if v. nice) for the set if I found the body looking nice enough to sell for $$ 100 or so. For a least inexpensive starter 4"x5" WITH movements: Calumet CC 401 in monorail, or Tech III standard-version in field. By the way: as with all old lenses in general and espesially (old technika-) lenses in synchro-compur shutters: chech all shutters speeds for travel. If the 1 sec. is just a little long, You are LUCKY. Chances are good the 1. sec. don't make it at all (stops halfway - lube sticky). If all three shutters are marked "Linhof" (meaning Linhof individual quality control/Image quality OK - Schneiders QC in the -50 (probably Your cameras vintage) stinked) and do travel also on low speeds + within price range: OK! Othervice: look for another chance. Service on old shutters on these not-very-sought-after-lenses is sometimes (i.e., here in Scandinavia) more expensive than second-hand value of lens in functioning shutter.