View Full Version : Wista repair

Mark Carney
9-Mar-2005, 04:03
I have a well used Wista SP that needs work on it's front standard. It no longer swings, the lever doesn't seem to work.

I've spent a good deal of time googling for an answer when it dawned on me I'm sure I'm not the first with this problem and the people on this forum would surely have had some experience alon g this line.

Any advice on someone to send this to for service.



Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2005, 04:05
Assuming you are in the USA Wista service is Marflex 16 Chapin Rd. Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Michael Hewson
10-Mar-2005, 03:07
I approached Wista in Japan once - they were happy to spend some time looking at my problem (in the end I didn't need them - but they were keen).