View Full Version : X-ray aside, where can I get high volume orders of 4x5 or 8x10 sheets? (Canada)

11-Jan-2016, 00:24
Although I'm currently using x-ray film, I would like to fool around with some higher sensitivity film. I simply cannot afford to buy 400 ISO packs of 25 sheets for 50$ apiece. Our dollar's value has really got me down, and I've been involuntarily put on part time hours at my job.

Are there any places where I could procure large packages of film for a reasonable price per sheet? It seems like cheap American retailers are out of the question. Arista's well-priced, but Freestyle charges more than the cost of the film for shipping to Montreal. Same goes for a lot of eBay sellers.

Perhaps there are small-time Canadian dealers with great prices I am not aware of. I'm also wondering if it's possible to contact the companies that produce budget film, like Foma, and ask them if they do special orders of specific volumes. If the ratio was good, I wouldn't mind spending some of my savings on something I could throw in the freezer.

It would certainly be cheaper to do so now than when our dollar plunges to something terrible like 60 cents to the dollar.

Andrew O'Neill
11-Jan-2016, 09:10
Good luck with trying to find conventional film for under a dollar a sheet. You either bite the bullet, or stick with x-ray.

12-Jan-2016, 11:46
Beau Photo in Vancouver (http://www.beauphoto.com/) is my go-to for film, paper and chemicals in Canada but around a buck a sheet is about the best you'll do anywhere for 4x5 film.

12-Jan-2016, 13:13
Freestyle and often B&H for me is cheaper for me to go down to Montana for the weekend and have the parcels shipped there than to have them shipped to my home. Often as not Customs lets me by with more than the weekend deductable from taxes as well. But I am only one and half hours from Havre and its not like having to go through a large city or anything.

On some things theCameraStore in Calgary is competitive. Locally I can by anything I want as long as its Kodak colour in 35mm.

Andrew O'Neill
12-Jan-2016, 14:59
Because of our very weak dollar (and expected to drop even more), I'm spending my money up here. Support our economy.