View Full Version : Nikon 90 require a recessed board on a Toyo 45A?

Darin Boville
9-Mar-2005, 01:28
I always hate taking my lenses off the boards so excuse my question:

Can a Nikon 90mm f/8 work on a Toyo 45A with a flat lens board?

I have it on a deeply recessed board now--would very much prefer to use a flat board in order to gain better access to the controls. I have an unused board but it is a #3...pretty much useless to me.

Also, if I can use a flat board I'll be searching e-bay--do any other brands of board fit the Toyo Field?




Roger Scott
9-Mar-2005, 01:56
Hi Darin,

I have a Nikon 90mm f8 on a flat lensboard which fits on a Toyo 45AII. The bellows are pretty squashed and the rear of the lens is physically inside the opening of the rear standard when focussing on infinity so movements are limited. I tend to drop the bed to get it out of the way if I need any sort of fall as I've a few portrait photos with the bed in them. I'm not sure if there's any difference between the A and AII. I've only ever used the Toyo boards so can't comment on alternatives.


Diane Maher
9-Mar-2005, 05:50
I think the difference between the A & AII was the rotating back on the AII. As for the lensboard, I use a 90 mm f/4.5 Nikkor on a non-recessed lens board. I have only used Toyo boards too.

9-Mar-2005, 07:19
the 90/8 will work fine on a flat board, just don't expect much rise and fall movement or front backwards tilt when you are focusing closely.

Gem Singer
9-Mar-2005, 07:27
Hi Darin,

When I owned a Toyo 45AII (newer model of the Toyo A), I tried using a Nikkor f8 90SW on a flat lensboard. The bellows was compressed quite a bit, and front rise was restricted. Otherwise, it worked O.K.. However, movement capability was much easier after I mounted that lens on a Toyo field 12.5mm. recessed lensboard. That's a shallower recessed lensboard, and I had no difficulty operating the shutter controls. Perhaps you have the old deep recessed lensboard.

Canham makes lensboards that will also fit the Toyo field cameras, but they are only available as flat boards. You may be able to find a used Toyo Field 12.5mm. recessed lensboard at K.E.H. (www.keh.com.).

Eric Wagner
9-Mar-2005, 08:22
With my Toyo-Field 45A I can get 10mm of rising front with a 90mm lens on a flat board and 30mm of rising front when it is mounted on the old-style board that is recessed 1 inch. I use a flex-tip cable release (can't remember who made it) with the deeply recessed board.

Darin Boville
9-Mar-2005, 12:43
Outstanding. Thanks to all!