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8-Jan-2016, 10:57
I recently got a Cambo Master PC and some of the movements are smooth but not all. The movements are definitely far from being silky. I'm thinking of taking the standards apart and cleaning everything that I can.
What can I use to lubricate the gears? I read earlier that I could use CRC Heavy Duty Silicone lubricant but wanted to hear other opinions and ideas. Also if anybody has done this and has pointers.

Thank you!

Peter De Smidt
8-Jan-2016, 11:09
I would clean all of the parts first. Then I would try something like Renaissance Wax lightly on one mechanism. Test. Is that good enough? If so, then you know what to do. If not, move on to dry lube, or, if you never, ever want to repaint the camera, then consider silicone. Always use a very light touch with lubrication.

8-Jan-2016, 18:15
+ 1 with what Peter said...

You can clean up moving surfaces with Ronsonol lighter fluid (is safe on most plastic surfaces... As usual, test a hidden area first)... A safe lube (silicone based) is to wipe a little Armor-All inside the plastic contact areas... Or use a teflon or silicone based grease... Avoid silicone sprays as many use acetone as it's penetrating solvent that will damage/melt some plastics...

It should make it better, but "silky" does not describe the movements on some Cambo's, Toyo's, etc that use plastic bearings for sliders... (Sometimes they are a little stiff to slide/move, and a little spongy/slippery when locked...) And don't overtorque the locks on the rail, sliders, etc, esp. during very cold weather as the plastic stress bearing materials can be brittle and crack/break... Try to adjust the locks so there is a firm (but not overtight) hold, but barely tight enough to hold (but not too overtight locked down)... You can work around this, but don't put any 3lb lenses on these... Go smart & easy with these...

Good Luck!!!!!

Steve K