View Full Version : WA bellows for AS Discovery

Jonathan Lee
8-Mar-2005, 06:39
I just won an AS Discovery from that auction place and I am wondering whether I should get a WA bellows to go with it. The widest lens that I use with movements is a 90/6.8 Caltar II. I have a 65/8 SA but this just covers 4x5, so no movements necessary. Can I get enough flexibility out of the standard AS bellows to use a 90 with moderate movements?


Aaron Rocky
8-Mar-2005, 08:58
Not much movement with standard belleows. I have the synthetic bag bellows, with it movement is a lot easier, lens coverage becomes the limiting factor.

evan clarke
8-Mar-2005, 11:40
The combination leather bellows is the best bet. Arca is having a price increase and a new bellows is already frightfully expensive so be ready for sticker shock..EC

Frank Petronio
8-Mar-2005, 14:01
He can afford it. He won my Arca for an obscenely low price ;-)

Get the leather bellows - works with lens up to 180mm - then get the 70cm long bellows and sell the regular bellows...