View Full Version : 100 year old (dated) Cooke Ads?

8x10 user
4-Jan-2016, 08:50
I'm trying to get a pair of 12" Cooke F3.5 lenses through customs. They are the older pre knuckler versions. The customs agent says it would help if I can find some documentation to prove they are antiques.

Does anyone have a dated (100 year old) ad for an early Cooke Series IIA?

4-Jan-2016, 09:11
Not quite 100 but here's a catalogue from 1920 (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/cooke_1.html).

I should have some older adverts but that link is one of the best around. Here's two from the 1910 BJP Almanac when the IIa Portrait lens was released.




Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2016, 12:04
I do this all the time for Danish Customs and Taxes.

Best documentation is serial number/dates tables. Some models (Cooke as well) were made both before after the 100 year deadline with differences that only a few would notice.

I have even linked to LFPF pages and even the relevant FS thread.

The serial numbers would have to be under about 70,000 to be 100 years old.