View Full Version : Point Lobos storm damage

John Kasaian
3-Jan-2016, 16:14
Apparently the steps to China Cove are still closed. Has anyone heard of any other closures at Point Lobos?

Drew Wiley
4-Jan-2016, 10:37
The real storms are just beginning. They might be a little over-paranoid at Pt Lobos due to liability issues; or maybe it just the off-season maintenance scheduling,
as I heard about in advance. The trails take in a wider spectrum of people than dedicated hikers with adequate footwear. There are a number of places to go there; and I always preferred rainy winter days myself. No crowds.

John Kasaian
4-Jan-2016, 12:30
Thanks Drew! Mini-me has another week off from school and we were thinking of a day trip Pt. Lobos. It looks like we'll have a whole week of rainy days to choose from

Drew Wiley
4-Jan-2016, 16:09
I just talked to my sister down there. It should be pretty wet all this week, just like up here. But the falling rain has actually warmed things up a bit. I stayed in the
trees mostly Saturday and just got out on the shore long enough for a couple shots. Monterey Bay isn't quite as cold. Raincoat and waterproof darkcloth high recommended. Pt Lobos can be lovely in the rain.

Drew Wiley
5-Jan-2016, 12:53
Update. They're really discouraging travel on Hwy 1 south of Big Sur. Mudslide and flooding risks. Some of those narrow roads up in the Santa Cruz Mtns are already in trouble, and home are being lost to slump or slide. Hopefully there won't be the significant loss of life up in those woods due to slides like there was in the last El Nino event. But it's an inherent risk, given the main component of those hills is simply Pliocene mudstone.

John Kasaian
7-Jan-2016, 11:24
Arrgh! Pt. Lobos is closed because of the storms. Scheduled to reopen on Saturday the 9th