View Full Version : suggestions for 16x20 film holder bag

1-Jan-2016, 12:26
Hi all and Happy New Year,

I am having Richard Ritter make me some additional 16x20 film holders and need a bag/case for the film holders. I really like the Ebony 16x20 film holder bag, but they are not currently making them (I just asked Jeff at BADGER GRAPHIC about it). So any suggestions on alternative 16x20 film holder bags? It would need to hold 5 film holders. And I *prefer* bags or cases to suitcase/luggage (I already have luggage but prefer to use it for traveling).


Roger Thoms
1-Jan-2016, 12:30
I bet Jim would make 16x20 film holder bags for you.



Jim Graves
4-Jan-2016, 01:01
Jim and June make nice bags at great prices.

4-Jan-2016, 13:34
I have a nice laptop case for my 11x14 holders, but I found nothing big enough for 16x20 -- especially 5 holders in one case. For a couple holders at a time, something like this might work with extra padding (closed cell foam?). I would need to physically check out the construction for strength and duribility.


Steve Nieslony
6-Jan-2016, 16:50
Try Alan Brubaker at http://filmholders.com/. Alan is well known for his film holders, and many years ago he made these Film Holder bags. Not sure he still has his source, but would be worth making a phone call.


6-Jan-2016, 20:19
Thanks everybody for your help. For now I found a cardboard box that just fits 5 film holders, so I will use that until I can find a bag or case that I like. In the meantime:

Steve, I did e-mail Alan Brubaker last week; still no response as of today. I will try calling him...

Vaughn, thanks for the link.

Roger and Jim: I agree that Jim and June Fitzgerald do good work. I may contact them if I cannot get a hold of Alan Brubaker.