View Full Version : Horseman 2X converter for 150mm lenses?

Jim Blecha
5-Sep-1999, 01:44
I have seen the Horseman 2X converter in catalogs and at some camera swaps. Has anyone used this item? Was it sharp? Was the illumination even?

Paul Schilliger
6-Sep-1999, 16:36
I use one with a 150 Apo-Symmar. It is relatively sharp for a converter, but not as sharp as a Nikkor M 300 would be. The coverage is enough for 4x5. The colour rendition is good, and illumination is even when movements are reasonable. The T opening of f11 is difficult to do with in low li ght conditions. It weighs only 170g!and is a good tool to forget in the bottom of the bag, just in case. N ow, for 200$ more, I would certainly buy the Nikkor M 9/300 instead and get the quintessence of large forma t photography.