View Full Version : Fasteners / Parts of wooden cameras

robin willey
7-Mar-2005, 03:00

My Camera Wista 45 DX.

Has anyone experienced modifing the fasteners / fittings on this model to improve it ?

Please note I live in the UK hopefully someone can furnish me with UK contacts

Thank you



Gem Singer
7-Mar-2005, 06:52
Hi Robin,

I'm not clear on exactly what you mean by "modifing the fasteners/fittings". Are the threads stripped where the screws attach the metal fittings to the wood? Do you desire to strenghten the metal corner braces? Are the locking knobs slipping and failing to hold tightly? Does the camera wobble or move after it is locked down?

If you would explain in more detail, perhaps I could help solve your problem.

Pete Watkins
7-Mar-2005, 09:01
Robin, I believe that Teamwork in Central London are agents for Wista.

robin willey
8-Mar-2005, 02:14
Hi Eugene

Thank you for your response. Nothing is broken or damaged, this is just a cosmetic issue.

I would like to change / modify the 6 locking levers simular to the cam type locking levers on the Tachihara field camera.