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29-Dec-2015, 07:21
I'm planning a vacation for the last week of February through the first week of March. I'll be traveling from my studio in Staunton VA down to Amelia Island Florida for a few days camping on the beach, then traveling North through Savannah on Rt 17 all the way back to Virginia. My plan is to spend 7 or 8 days traveling through the low country and shooting a ton of film. Anyone with ideas, thoughts, tips or invites along the way would be greatly appreciated. A few years ago I spent a couple of days on this route and found tons of stuff I wanted to go back when there was more time to explore, and shoot more film. One thing that would help would be tips on where to stay to spend a couple of days at a time. I plan on bringing plenty of camping gear, but don't want to limit my camping to the usual RV parks along the way. My gear will consist of my Chamonix 4X5, and possibly my Kodak Masterview for 8X10. Thankfully, my camera bag is a Ford F150 XLT, so lots of room for stuff. I plan on bringing at least 50 sheets of film, mainly black and white. So, anyone wanting to be a tour guide or join me for a bit, please respond. There is still a couple of months to plan things out. Thanks.

29-Dec-2015, 08:23

Fifty sheets it's a way too few. Double that if it's 4x5, the unused can brought back home, but you're not gonna miss a shot by not having a sheet of it any more.
I would number the sheet film holders and use a small voice recorder/smart phone instead of a notepad to take shooting notes, that's faster, and it can be written later on the notepad.

You can carry a weight and bag for windy days to stabilize your tripod also, and or also an umbrella even if the last looks weird!

Sorry to not be on the way to meet you, if you'll travel To FL and have some spare time it would be great to visit Clyde Butcher's Gallery in Venice, his B&W work is nothing less then impressive,



Doug Howk
29-Dec-2015, 11:06
Cumberland Island via ferry from St Marys, GA National Park site (http://www.nps.gov/cuis/index.htm)

29-Dec-2015, 16:27
Thanks Renato, I'll double the film for sure. I was planning on shooting some medium format as well. My large golf umbrella goes with me, and I'll bring a weight for the tripod, good advice. I am familiar with Clyde Butchers work, but truth be told I can't stand Florida and Fernandina Beach is as far south I dare to go.
Doug, Im going to follow the link and check out St. Marys. Thanks all.

29-Dec-2015, 17:08
As mentioned Cumberland Island and St Mary's. Cumberland has the Dungeness Ruins, pristine beaches and some nice areas within the coastal forest. In the past there has always been wild horses around the ruins. Check the ferry schedule as sometimes reservations are required. West of St Mary's is Folkston and the SE entrance to the Okefonokee at Swanee Canal Recreation Area. Within the recreation area is a boardwalk off the scenic drive that extends about 3/4 mile into the swamp to a observation tower. From the tower good view of one of the gator holes and nice view of the swamp prairies.

Heading North from St Mary's is Jekyll and St Simons Island. NE side of Jekyll is driftwood beach so named for the tangle of huge live oaks having fallen and now littering the beach, bleached by sun and salt air. Lots of opportunities, but it can be a challenging to simplify a composition. On the western side is the historic village and millionaires row. These were the winter cottages of the Rockefeller's, Morgan's and Pulitzer's back in the late 1800's. St Simons just north of Jekyll is much larger and mostly know for it's golf courses and the Cloisters Resort. However photo opportunities do exist. At the end of east beach is Goulds inlet that can lend it self to some nice seascapes especially during low tide when expansive sand banks are uncovered. There are numerous vista of the expansive salt marshes. Toward the northern end of the Island in the community of Frederica is Christchurch. This is one of the oldest churches in Ga and is set amongst towering live oaks dripping with moss, and the grounds are a carpet of tall mossy grass that seems to stay green year long. There is a old cemetery that can be interesting.

Heading North from St Simons is the town of Darien located on the Altamaha River. Usually can find some nice compositions of the shrimp boats at dock from the bridge or from down on the docks themselves. Plenty of areas to explore.

Hope you have a great trip

29-Dec-2015, 22:00
There are some interesting old cemeteries in Savannah.

Gary Beasley
30-Dec-2015, 15:28
If you are going to camp Hunting Island State Park S.C is a good spot, right on the beach with a driftwood beach nearby and a lighthouse further past that. You do need to reserve a spot as far in advance as you can to get a spot, they fill up pretty quick.

11-Mar-2016, 11:19
Well, it's getting close to the time to wander south. Had to postpone the trip and cut it down to 9 days because of some minor surgery, but off to Charlotte during the last month of March. Next week I apply for a passport, so thinking of other places to explore out of country. My question is, what can anyone tell me about traveling with film and film cameras to Ecuador? Would love to bring a 4X5 field camera and some film, as well as medium format, but concerned with lugging all that gear around. Any thoughts?

Bob Salomon
11-Mar-2016, 13:10
Your studio near where Hugh Gentry's was?

12-Mar-2016, 11:02
Not sure who Hugh Gentry is, but the studio is on W Beverley St., in the old Masonic building. Come by for a visit if your in the area.